Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Speaker Spear quality so good?

Our products are made with the best materials and built for 24/7 outdoor use.

Our products feature:

-Solid aluminum bar shafts, not hollow tubes that can kink, rust, or break.

-Stainless steel and aluminum clamps, knobs, and hardware, not plastic that breaks or crack.

-Rivet free construction. All Speaker Spear products slide or bolt together and are field serviceable. No weak rivets to break.

-CNC machined for precise and professional appearance.

-Type III mil-spec hard coated for a beautiful and durable finish.

How long does shipping take?

All in stock products are shipped within 48 hours. All products are shipped with USPS Priority, which delivers in 2-3 days.

How do I set up the Speaker Spear (PN-1)?

In many cases, the spear can be driven into sand or turf by hand. If needed, a rubber mallet can be used. We recommend the Milwaukee 48-22-9150.

The Speaker Spear (PN-1) must not be installed in areas of buried utilities (e.g., electrical equipment, cables, pipes, drainage).

How do I set up the Speaker Clamp (PN-2)?

Tighten the clamp to any sturdy, non-round object and check that the clamp and mounting setup will not tip or fall.

Keep the area below the Speaker Clamp clear of people and equipment.

Do not clamp to round or cylindrical objects, as the clamp jaws may slip

What is the Speaker Spear products return policy and warranty?

All Speaker Spear products carry a 30-day full refund return window.

All Speaker Spear products carry a 1 year limited warranty.

What if an elephant tramples my Speaker Spear and I need a repair?

Don't worry. Speaker Spear products are super durable and can withstand heavy use. Replacement parts are available individually. In addition, all Speaker Spear products have a 1-year limited warranty.